Welcome to RoarBoard, a crowdfunding platform for launching messages that matter—the first open, public broadcast network of the people, by the people, and for the people. Our mission is to create positive change and impact in the world by connecting passionate individuals and grassroots movements with the power of advertising, levelling the playing field between the little guy and corporate interests by harnessing the influence of digital communication to launch compelling campaigns to support your cause, whatever it may be. It’s advertising with a purpose, powered by you.

We connect you and your cause with supporters that put their money where their mouth is—quite literally—by funding the effort to share your message. Whether a digital ad blast for animal rights, or a billboard addressing a local community issue, we are here to help you find your voice.

We call it The Roarboard Effect: By empowering people with collaborative advertising, we strengthen your message, embolden your networks (and beyond) to get involved, grow support, and ultimately amplify your impact. Translate your passion into a campaign and instantly mobilize people to action: Catalyze a rally, overthrow the status quo, electrify awareness for your cause, stand your ground!

Create the conversation and make a change in the world. Reach the masses with exponential virality to amplify your message. Find a campaign to support or start your own—take back the megaphone with RoarBoard.