Reduce CO2 Emissions NOW!

Started: Apr 26, 2019

By burning fossil fuels, we are pumping billions of tons of CO2 in to the atmosphere every year. And according to recent reports, CO2 emissions are on the rise.

This pollution is causing climate change leading to worsening wild fires and will get worse in the future with crop failure and mass starvation! 

Knowledge is power, and our goal is to encourage people to take personal responsibility by calculating their own carbon footprint. By understanding one's individual impact, we can then find ways to decrease and offset our impact and collectively reduce C02 emissions.
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Created: Apr 26, 2019

The Goal:
$ 10M
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The DealBy encouraging people to calculate their personal carbon footprint, we can gain awareness and make a collective difference in reducing C02 emissions.

The Roarboard Effect:Each $10 raised gets us 100 impressions, an estimated reach of 25 people.

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